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New Steps for Country
Country and Line Dance
Bossa Nova Way

Bossa Nova Way


For me, the word Bossa Nova evokes Brazil of the sixties, when the country was on the edge of becoming a modern nation. In the following decennials, Bossa Nova became a genre bridging South and North America.

 Today, Bossa Nova continues to be one of the most well-known Latino dance. However, there are few initiatives for the development of this dance.

It is why I’ve launched: “Bossa Nova Way” on my site. The objective is to elaborate and propose country steps adapted to Bossa Nova. My methodology is to include these new steps in choreographies before listing them on this pages.


Bossa Nova Steps for Country Line Dance


RF: right foot; LF: left foot; LA: legs apart; FT: feet together: WoRF: weight on RF; WoLF: weight on LF



Bossa Nova Box

1,2: RF forward, LF near RF

3,4: RF back behind LF, left toes touch RF


Bossa Nova Sweep (Varrendo Passo)

1,2: Sweep RF forward on right diagonal, sweep  LF near RF and continue sweeping on left diagonal

3,4: Sweep RF forward near LF and continue sweeping on the right diagonal, left toes touch RF, WoLF

5,6: Sweep RF back on right diagonal, sweep LF near RF and continue sweeping on left diagonal

7,8: Sweep RF back near LF and continue sweeping on left diagonal, LF back and ¼ turn left (pivot on right toes), WoLF